ChibiPet Area- Garden
Chibi Garden.png


"A garden area. Cannot be entered directly."

  The Garden in the ChibiPet Area is a garden that revolves around Chibi Pets ; unlike other areas, the Garden has a question mark above it on the map, and is also unaccessable via map.


The garden itself is on the very edge of Selfy Town in the upper left corner of the map. It is the only area to have a question mark on it on the map, as well as the only area where players have to virtually "walk" over to, as the area is unaccessable via map.

The garden has a wonderland theme, with the grass resembling diamond cut patterns and walls of bushes surrounding the area. Around the place appears to be several anonymous chibipets (some appear in cages, shops, even stacked on chairs, etc.). There are also random books and notes on the walls of the bushes. Surrounding the area are benches that players can sit on, and puddles filled with stars. In the center, there is a huge fountain made of yellow bricks with lights surrounding the middle; in the middle is a huge statue with three multi-colored balls (what are those?) with ladders on them; more chibi pets are sitting on the statue.

Down: ChibiPet Area - Gate

Left: Nothing is beside the ChibiPet Garden, as the area sits on the edge of SelfyTown.

Right: Game Area (This area cannot be entered through the ChibiPet Area - Garden.)

Up: Nothing is above the ChibiPet Garden, as the area sits on the edge of SelfyTown.


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