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Start Date

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

End Date

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

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Outdoor Stage

The second event featuring DJ HEAVYGRINDER and the exclusive track, "HG mix for Tinier Me - WOW". By visiting the Outdoor Stage in Selfy Town, users can play a brown gacha that will randomly give an block letter interior item every four hours. When a user gets enough blocks to spell "HeavyGrinder", they can be exchanged into a graduation set and a pair of animated Special DJ-HEAVYGRINDER Headphones.

Event Items

Block Letters

All of the available block letters during the event can spell "HeavyGrinder" and can be gained every four hours randomly. To get the special HeavyGrinder Grad Set, a user needs one of each letter, except with 2 e's and 2 r's.

Heavy Grinder Grad Set

To get the set, a user needs to spell out "HeavyGrinder" and exchange their interior Block Letters.

Rules and Regulations

  • The block letters CAN be gifted!
  • The required items can't be exchanged if placed in your room as furniture. Please remove them from your room before exchanging them.
  • The TinierGacha in SELFY TOWN can only be played once every four hours during this event.
  • Once exchanged, the required items will be automatically removed from your closet.
  • The event items are only available during the event period. Please note that you CANNOT exchange these items AFTER the event ends.
  • Music can be turned on and off in the Configurations window, which can be accessed by clicking the wrench icon in the menu at the bottom of SELFY TOWN.
  • The "Music Play" setting may be set to off by default for some users.

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