Doki Doki Ranking Tournament Event
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Start Date

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

End Date

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

The Doki Doki Ranking Tournament is the second event involving the Doki Doki IQ High School game. By reaching to the 15th level of ANY of the mini-games, the user gains a hand item, the Magic Wand Orange, which is not tradeable/giftable. With each wand won through the mini-games, the user earns 10 event points that accumulate for more prizes and a prize for those that are at the top 20 at the end of the event.

Event Point Items

Level 15

Get to level 15 of any Doki² game and get the Magic Wand Orange shown below.

50 Event Points

Win 5 Magic Wands for 50 event points to gain only ONE of the items below.

100 Event Points

Win 10 Magic Wands for 100 event points to gain only ONE of the items below.

200 Event Points

Win 20 Magic Wands for 200 event points to gain only ONE of the items below.

Top 20

By getting enough points to be in the top 20 out of everyone at the end of the event, those 20 users win the item shown below.

Rules and Regulations

  • The Magic Wand Orange can NOT be traded or gifted.
  • Event Points and items can only be checked and received (respectively) here on this page
  • You can only pick ONE item from the two Event Point items offered in each category.
  • Your Event Points will be updated each time you access this event page.
  • The event items are only available during the event period. Please note that you cannot choose these items AFTER the Doki Doki Ranking Tournament ends.
  • The Top 20 Doki Doki Rankings will end on June 23 (Wed) 2010, before site maintenance!
  • The Bubble Gum Kitty Pink action item will be sent to the winners' closets on June 23 (Wed) 2010, AFTER site maintenance!

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