Game Area
Game area


"Hang out and play free games!"

 The Game Area is a room in SelfyTown that is mainly used as free space.


The Game Area is just a free space area where players can chat with each other. For some unknown reason, this area has been known to be a location for players who generally cuss a lot, dress in dark clothing, or belong to certain fashion groups (e.g. hipsters, emos, in terms of an example and not to be taken offensively). 

The Game Area has complete stone flooring with colorful game buildings around the side. The main building (the green building in the center, as pictured above) is interactable, as people can enter the building; however, people can only go into the building. Nothing really happens when you go into the building. There are two buildings on the side of the level, but the main building is the only "real" building, as the others only serve as a background. The main game building seems to be a steampunk themed building with, wheels, gears, metal scraps, etc. The building is green with gold pieces, and there is a purple sign with the word "GAME" in yellow letters.

Down: Outdoor Stage

Left: ChibiPet Area - Garden (this area cannot be entered through the Game Area.)

Right: Chat Town

Up: Nothing is above the Game Area, as the area sits on the edge of SelfyTown.


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