Keep Selfy Town Clean Event
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Start Date

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

End Date

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Similar to the Nocturne Ritual Event, the Keep Selfy Town Clean Event is a single-user effort-based event.

SELFY TOWN is filled with garbage! Help Kokoro out by picking up litter and making SELFY TOWN a cleaner, greener place.
The trash scattered through SELFY TOWN are shown below. Enter SELFY TOWN and find and click the following items every day to increase your ECO METER (shown above). Be sure to search high and low, because the trash items won't always be at the same place!

Event Details

During the event duration, six items would need to be located in Selfy Town. The items are located in the same area, but can be positioned in different spots of the area at different times. Each item can only be clicked once per day. (Look carefully, because the page may not be finished loading or you would need to go back to the area a couple times before it shows up.)

Event Reward

When the Eco Meter is full (60 total trash items found), the Rainbow Watering Can Yellow action item will be sent directly to users' closets.

Rules and Regulations

  • Each of the event items can only be reported once per day.
  • The Rainbow Watering Can will be automatically sent to the user's Closet when the ECO METER is full.
  • Your ECO METER accounts for only YOUR actions.

Ex. If another user clicks on a trash item, your ECO METER will not be increased.

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