Nocturne Ritual Event
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Start Date

Thursday, March 18th, 2009

End Date

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

The Nocturne Ritual Event is a single-user, effort-based event. Released at the same time as the Vampire Hunter Gacha, this event is also vampire-themed and awards an action item at the end of the event.

The vampires lurking in SELFY TOWN are thirsty for blood! But don't worry, these vampires are the good kind, and the last thing they want to do is harm the citizens of SELFY TOWN. In order to cure their thirst though, they must peform a nightly ritual!
Give the vampires a hand by locating the items needed for their nightly ritual in SELFY TOWN. If you do it a certain number of times, the vampires will give you a special reward!

Event Details

During the event duration, four items would need to be located in Selfy Town. The items are located in the same area, but can be positioned in different spots of the area at different times. Each item can only be clicked once per day. (Look carefully, because the page may not be finished loading or you would need to go back to the area a couple times before it shows up.)

Event Reward

When the meter is full at the end of the event (40 total items found), the Fluffy Demon Kitty action item will be sent directly to users' closets.

Rules and Regulations

  • Each of the event items can only be reported once per day.
  • The Fluffy Demon Kitty will be automatically sent to the user's Closet when the SUPPORT METER is full.

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