Ring Gate is designed as the entrance into SelfyTown (although it doesn't really work).

Ring gate

The Ring Gate, which is usually more filled than this (the image was tooken hours before the site was terminated.)


The Ring Gate area serves as an entrance into SelfyTown. In the afternoons, a lot of people can be found exchanging rings; the gate itself has two rings that are "linked" to eachother, probably being the reason why people see the Ring Gate as an area to exchange rings with eachother.

The ring gate has trees alligned on the sides of the area, with a grass field dotted with red flowers (what area isn't dotted in those red flowers?).The gate itself is the most notable feature in the area, made of what seems to be gold and turqoise-like gems. There is also (what is likely to be) amethysts embeded in the stone. And forming the top of the gate are two orange rings linked together, representing ring exchanging.

Down: Nothing is below Ring Gate, as the area sits on the edge of SelfyTown.

Left: Market Area

Right: Under Construction

Up: Gourd Pond

Selfy Town Map Description: "A free area with a big gate and decorative rings."


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