The TinierMe MEDAL MADNESS Event
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Start Date

Wednesday April 7th, 2010

End Date

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Like the first TinierMe MEDAL MADNESS Event, you must earn enough game medals through playing Doki Doki IQ High School and/or Sevens during the event to earn the event items. A total of 150 medals earned are needed to gain the 80 chibi coins and event items. The items can be claimed only once per account at any time during the event and also do not take away any medals earned. But by losing medals while playing, it subtracts the amount from the medal count so it's recommended that once the medal count for an item has been reached, it should be claimed immediately.

This is part of the TinierMe Spring Line-up, which consists of many spring-themed events released over time from March 25th, 2010 to April 21st, 2010.

Event Prizes

30 Medals or more

50 Medals or more

80 Medals or more

100 Medals or more

150 Medals or more

Rules and Regulations

  • The Medal Madness 2 event applies for both Old Maid and Sevens, and tracks the medals gained, lost, or exchanged during the event. Doki Doki IQ High School is NOT a part of this event.
  • The Medal Madness 2 Tracker and event items can only be checked and received (respectively) here on this page.
  • When claiming your items for the Medal Madness 2 event, your total medal amount WILL NOT be affected (you will not lose any medals).
  • Items can be obtained only when a certain amount on the Medal Madness 2 Tracker is reached. If the tracker is greater than the required amount, but then becomes less BEFORE you claim the item, you must reach the required amount AGAIN to claim the item.
  • Each item can only be claimed ONCE during the event.
    (For example, even if a user has collected over 450 medals during the event, they are only entitled to claim 30 Chibi Coins, 50 Chibi Coins, ONE Hip-hop Pants with Chain, ONE Hip-hop Tracksuit Top and ONE Old Cassette Player White)

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