The second Clothing Line to be released.

Visual Kei
Visual 091001


Tuesday, October 6th, 2009



Punk Gauze Shirt
Top 10360991 shopTop 10360992 shopTop 10360996 shop

Cat Hood Punk Top

Top 10361002 shopTop 10361003 shopTop 10361006 shop

Crusader Long Jacket

Top 10356262 shopTop 10356263 shopTop 10356264 shop

Crusader Half Jacket

Top 10356222 shopTop 10356223 shopTop 10356224 shop

Damaged Punkish Top

Top 10352771 shopTop 10352772 shopTop 10352773 shop

Visual High Collar Suit

Top 10344341 shopTop 10344342 shopTop 10344344 shop

Crush One Piece

Top 10333063 shopTop 10333072 shopTop 10333076 shop
Modern Grunge

Top 10326341 shopTop 10326342 shopTop 10326345 shopTop 10326352 shopTop 10326353 shopTop 10326354 shop
Crossed Belt Cut & Sew

Top 10320581 shopTop 10320582 shopTop 10320583 shop
Wizard's Robe

Top 10318151 shopTop 10318152 shopTop 10318153 shopTop 10318162 shopTop 10318164 shopTop 10318166 shop
Leather Tunic Flare Blazer Long Gakuran Black Punk Sweater Leather Outfit


Dark Grunge Cape

Coat 10362651 shopCoat 10362652 shopCoat 10362666 shop

Belt Jacket

Coat 10335641 shop Coat 10335643 shop Coat 10335644 shop


Tartan Check Mini Skirt Skull Damaged Skirt Punkish Pants with Belt Leg Covered Punk Pants Hard Damaged Jeans Cross Print Leather Pants Volume Pants with Belt Short Pants with Garter Belt Punk Pants


Indy Visual White Accent Bob Simple Mohawk Short Top Ponytail Single Tail Flared Long Mohawk Spiked Back Hair Skull Design Silk Hat Punk Short Braided Wavy Hair


Cross Punk Hat Music Note Hair Clip Casket Hat Leopard Print Earmuffs Devil Cat Ears Visual Mini Rose Hat Sunglasses Phantom Thief Silk Hat Bass Clef Hair Clip Exotic Bandana Headphone Devil's Horn

Devil Eye Mask Fluffy Dog Ears Passionate Rose Butterfly Mask Earrings (Ring and Ethnic) Cross Earcuffs

Guitar Carry Case Neck Bandages Wizard Lock and Chain Elephant Guitar Gorgeous Feather Boa Neck-Tie Skull Necklace Cross Choker Chain Choker

Lily Cross Gloves Spiked Bungles Axe Bass Guitar Curled Snake Wrist Belt Spikey Glove

Skull Sneakers Boots with Garter Shoes with Leg Warmers Zip-Up Long Boots Devil's Boots Angel's Boots Boots with Belt High Laced Boots Long Cross Boots Belt Leather Shoes

Keyboard Shoulder Cross

Facial Features

Sexy Gold Eyes Sexy Purple Eyes Sexy Brown Eyes Sexy Black Eyes Sexy Blue Eyes Cool Black Eyes Cool Blue Eyes Mysterious Black Eyes Mysterious Blue Eyes Villian

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