Win a Trip for 2 to Tokyo, Japan!
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Start Date

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

End Date

Thursday, January 7th, 2010


The Tokyo Tour Campaign, more officially called "Win a Trip for 2 to Tokyo, Japan!" is the second ever contest released, though, it's the first released with an actual real prize.

To enter, you needed to refer at least one friend and have them successfully sign up. If they do, you will be able to enter three outfits to submit to the contest. You can NOT delete, edit, or change any of them so choose carefully, as once you pick your three, you're done.

There are three categories:

  • 1. Best Overall
  • 2. Cutest (Female Only)
  • 3. Coolest (Male Only)

The gender-based categories are based on the gender you picked signing up, not based on what you're wearing. Winners receive an e-mail from TinierMe through the e-mail they signed up with AND a MiniMail from SELFY. If they do not respond within 5 days, they get disqualified and the next person will be offered the prize.

The winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Tokyo, Japan and will be allowed to bring along one guest.

The Winners

  • Best Overall: Dilandau
  • 5503892 1
  • What the Judges had to say: At first glance of this incredible entry, I knew that this would be considered for the award right away (laughs)! I loved the originality of this outfit, and I honestly didn't think all these items would come together so perfectly to create such a unique and creative outfit. This entry was a really special surprise and a nice motivation boost for the designers at TinierMe.

  • Cutest: Geminico
  • 5356773 2
  • The front ribbon accessory was a nice addition, my eyes went straight to it when I first saw this entry. I wonder, is the theme for this SELFY a "devilish girl"? As a whole, we all really think that this is extremely adorable! Her fluffy hair and glasses are a great combination, and the naughty devil behind the SELFY is a great touch!

  • Coolest: LunarXV
  • 5403190 3
  • There were quite a lot of submissions with the Samurai and Ninja theme, so it was really difficult to select the most "cool" looking SELFY! Within all the entries, however, we decided that this entry deserved the award as it's great balance of blue and white combined with a hint of Asian design made it really stand out from the crowd.

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